Tuesday, February 24

smiley faces

jacket: gaudy, loose top: forever21, skirt: zara, platform shoes: highheels

Well recently I've been working on my solo album. I've figured out the songs and the mixing of the music is still in progress. By having an album, I need to set some brand new attitude that a lot of people would like (so they would buy my CD). My mom told me to start smiling and reduce the stare-down look which I use to do. The hardest thing is that it's really difficult for me to smile naturally. I think of myself looking like an idiot when I smile. I really need to work on that.

here's some of my idiot looking pitures.



ellen soebiantoro said...

bagus kok ras klo snyummmmmmmmm duh ni ank idiot dr mananya coba. huahua. dtunggu ya albumnya... hihi :)

Syana said...

I don't think you look idiot at all, you're actually really pretty and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't smile because you have perfect teeth :P It's so cool, you're a singer like me! But I guess you're much more professional since you're starting your first album, where can I listen to your songs?

By the way thanks for stopping by my blog! xxx

febrina utami putri said...

nice shoes. eh eh g msukin link blog lu ke blog list g boleh kn? i love your blog ^^

Amber said...

I love those red shooooeesss !