Thursday, February 26

shawl on you

today i ordered a shawl from this small yet very cool brand, From the picture it looks so damn gorgeous! and it only cost IDR 50.000 crazy crazy. i ordered it by e-mail and i'll pay for it tomorrow, can't wait to wear it on my own. from the blog, there are some pictures actually wearing the shawl as huge bracelet, belt, and head wrap. hahaha very clever. they should sell lots of other stuff as well!




7 comments: said...

I really really like this shawl! It's so cute :)

Ida said...

It looks amazing. I really like the black version.

theliciousgum said...

btw, that pic above of the disco balls, is that in bali?
it really reminds me of a club called mbargo.


Elizabeth said...

i love it! :]

Francheska said...

oh it looks so good on you ! the black one is amazing!
I should look for one!!

laraspermata said...

Yes! My header was taken at mbargo Bali!! Hahah I took it last summer

Connie Hsiu said...

these are lovely photos!

thank you so much for your lovely comment-i love your blog too :)