Saturday, February 28

dream a little dream

Yesterday I went to aquarius studio di bilangan arteri pondok indah, where I'll record vocals for my album. The studio is massive! And they got very expensive high quality mixers, operator, even the doors are superfine. I'll record my vocal on monday. I'm so nervous because I know how much that studio cost, I'm just so scared if I screw all this whole recording thing up. Wish me the best of luck! This has been my dream for such a long time!!

This is the picture of what i wore, with my puppy, Malta. The shorts is so special for me since I found it in a flea market for only IDR 2500 (25 cents). I just looove the color.




white t-shirt: random (can't remember where i got it), highwaisted shorts: SENEN flea market, random black stocking, black cardi: vintage, boots: belle

Well after visiting the studio, my parents and I went to Banduungg!! It's been so long since my last time. My mom and I did a little evening shopping (yes I broke my promise to cut shopping, but my mom 'insisted' to buy me things, so I just couldn't resist). My mom bought a pair of sandals, and I bought a pair of shoes!!for only IDR 175.000.

Here's some pictures of me at our hotel room and the shoes.



printed outerwear: SENEN flea market, shoes: sollution

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, your puppy is the cutest thing ever!

febrina utami putri said...

aduh printed topnya bgs bgt. di senen emank bgs2 dan murah2 yh, jd pgn kesana lg dh, heheh