Sunday, February 8

lovely legs


Lately I've been dreaming of these metallic topshop leggings. I hope I am among the lucky ones who can pull these pieces off xP ..the garments seem to suit skinny legs perfectly, and those colors! oh la la.

I also saw these on the internet a couple of days ago. Crazy looking as well.

forever 21

I'm also very determined to have a piece of acid washed jeans like this to wear to campus. Would be really fun to match it with boots and loose tops, very laid-back and comfortable.

..mungkin gue akan bikin aja deh di blambangan.. hehehe


~JiAtAkeo!* said...

IF I only have a courage to wear those bright pink tight and leopard.....LOVE it!

Fashion-Maverick said...

hii there!!..
boleh nanya ga?? bikin di blambangan dimananya ya?? heheheh...
thanks before ya..=)

laraspermata said...

Yg gue tau,blambangan pusatnya di antasari sana, tp dkt rmh gue di kayu putih jg ada cabangnya :) gue bysnya bikin/ngcilin jeans dsitu

milosundae said...

gw beli silver leggings di FO di bandung for only 40.000 IDR. dan yang oke adalah, kualitasnya sama lho sama leggingsnya topshop. tapi emang kalo yang latex ga boleh sering2 dicuci ;D.