Tuesday, February 24

jazz night

hat: flea market in Italy, black loose tee: H&M, black skirt: Zara, random black stocking, beige boots: tailored

febby, me, and nonny

Udah lama banget ya gue ga ngepost blog! ahaahaa jujur lagi males bok, banyak tugass... Anywaayy. the pictures above are pictures from Canisius Jazz Night, last Saturday. My boyfriend's band also performed amazingly for about 45 minutes. I kinda feel like a groupie of the band because i was always following them. It's actually kinda fun dressing up like a rockchick. ahahah, even though the band i was following plays pure fusion jazz. haha.

The red hat was bought in Italy 2 years ago, still very fun to play with.

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