Thursday, April 30

vintage blues




I sang on some company party in Baliroom, Kempinski Hotel, that used to be Hotel Indonesia. Since I still feel very blue because my boyfriend is now pretty sick and is hospitalized, I didn't feel like putting much accessories today. I didn't even wear earrings while performing on the party!

I dug out my closet and found this vintage dress which belonged to my grandmother! The length of this dress is so 50's. Hahaha...I wore it with my hair up, a simple pair of wedges, and a very light make-up.


eveline fashion-diary said...

nice dress!!!
and i love the color.

Shini said...

wow those were your grandmothers? how fabulous, love the length of it too, perfect to show off your skinny ankles and the heels :D

Sorry that your bf is sick, hope he gets better soon.

laraspermata said...

yes! thanks youu!! (:
my boyf is so much better now

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lovely silhouette!
that dress is gorgeous.

selly octavia said...

hi! salam kenal... i've tagged you some questions... please visit :)

Clara said...

great look!

J. said...

What a cute dress!