Friday, April 3

Lazy Hazy Spring



random black shorts, white top: from Bali, blazer: Pasar Baru (for less than 2 USD), shawl: some flea market in Rome, sunglasses: H&M, wedges: Zara

It's been a while :) I've been more interested on hanging out with my friends and bf ♥ these recent days. I spent the last 4 days without my parents since they went out of town for work, and spent more time with my car, card games, and coffee.

Anyway..I'm very glad for all the good response and nice comments on my photo and video on!! Hahaha I didn't really expect people would be that kind on leaving so many comments. Big Thanks to EVERYBODY who has submitted their comments on me. All I can do right now is hoping that I have the winning material.

And if you notice, I've started tweeting regularly ​ I didn't know it is so much FUN!! From my previous tweets, I've mentioned how in I am with iPod Touch. I just figure that it is pretty similar with iPhone!!! (only you can't make phonecalls and take pictures with iPod) I mean, you can find almost all iPhone applications in iPod Touch! I think I need to start collecting money.

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♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, sweetie!!

GORGEOUS scarf and I love that color of lipstick on you, by the way! :]


MySpecialStash said...

wow i LOVE that scarf!!

GRICIA said...

pretty shawl

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

red lipstick looks great on you!... you look like a porcelain doll in the second picture...quite inspirational.

issye margaretha kamal said...

love the scarf :))

*hope we could be friend