Thursday, April 16

my twitter addiction

I've been having guilty pleasures by being a gossip tracker through twitter. Haha but you know it's not just about knowing what everybody is doing and become some kind of stalker, but it's all about getting inspired. Some of the cool people I follow are sooo dedicated! They regularly post url and images to feed my daily need for inspirations.

Some of my favourite people on twitter:

♥ childhoodflames

♥ carolinaengman

♥ nicolerichie

♥ fashionchalet

♥ stylishwanderer

♥ galagonzales

♥ karla_deras

♥ facehunter

These following pictures were actually taken on saturday (well actually it was already sunday), 12 april 2009. We were celebrating one of my best friends 19th birthday, Nonny (or known as Catherine, The Hummingbirds). She's the one with the green summer dress. Aren't my girls fabulous??And they're so good to me!! Love them (:




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Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Yes they seem to as fabulous as you!:)


Bianca and Isabella said...

looks like fun!


the crumpet girls

Catherine said...

Aw, looks like fun! I love your sequin vest.

Have a great day!