Sunday, March 22


black leather jacket from natassya, mini cotton dress: H&M, silver shoes: custom

I am now one of the top 100 QUEEN BEE HUNT online competition and I really need support from viewers!! go to the website to find out more, and to see my profile follow here. Give out your comments and opinions about me and stay updated because I will post delicious styling photo online as my task in this competition :)

hihihi if the link above doesn't appear, copy this address and follow it through your browser


jovita ayu said...

wah kak abon juga masuk queenbee hunt?! waaaaah semoga ingrid sama kak abon masuk top 10 nya ya! cheers!


Vintage Tea said...

Lovely outfit! Gorgeous dress

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GRICIA said...

congrats wonder u in..u have the look,style and talent..way da go girl!!!

(visit my blog to see nu arrival on leather jacket,jumpsuit,etc)

kemi said...

hey hey i wanted to ask, gw liat di post2 lo dibawahnya ada tulisan powered by telkomsel blackberry, itu lo pake application apa buat blogging dr bb? cos slama ini gw masih blm nemu application yg pas. thanks! :)