Sunday, May 17

the end of the semester

I haven't really posted anything recently. The reason of my lack of post is because it's the end of semester!!!! and likely I'll have to deal with lots of essay writings and ASSignments! oh I wanna throw up just by thinking of it.

Anyway, I uploaded this next picture instead. There you have ME singing the acoustic version of Chris Brown's "FOREVER" with Felix (guitar) and Haris (bass). We played on an amazing private party called AMAZCOME (about 2 months ago?) :) and the theme was all about amazon, jungle, animals, and natives. It was pretty fun! Everybody was dressing up real nice. I dress as a living Pochahontas with an animal printed tube dress, a vest, and self-made accessories :)

do it yourself!


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

You can sing, jealous. I love your outfits very bohemian!

anggi said...

wow, you look so pretty, dear!
i like the photo of you singing!
i used to be singer too when i was younger..:)
are you in the band or a soloist?

the girl from secondhand rose said...

Ahaha thaanks!
I don't really have a band, but I have friends to play do you call that?hehe

ladybug said...

halo abon, bulu bulunya lucu itu.

oot, numpang tanya gmn cara masukkin twitter ke blogspot ya? makasih

NOELLE said...

I love that last Native piece.

I changed my blog name. I wanted to let you know. :) It's now

Venezia Lowis said...

adorable.. little indian!
wanna exchange link?

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

You have a great taste!
Loving your DIY..
and..Forever-Chris Brown in an acoustic version?i'm very curious to hear that.

Mind exchange links?

eveline fashion-diary said...

you are amazing girl!
you look very beautifull.

love your style.

finesa said...

love your shoes :)
nice blog